Imagine data-driven insight in your hands when you need it.

A completely unique approach to remote sensing that is changing the way the world uses aerial data. The Aerial Data Portal has been designed for every user, not just geospatial experts.
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An intuitive, cloud-based geospatial platform that allows users to solve key business problems.


Order imagery from satellites, manned aircraft and drones


Fuse imagery with new or existing data sets


Run automated analytics with advanced machine learning algorithms


Integrate into existing workflows for a seamless enterprise solution

Customers want solutions, they don’t want to become experts in aerial data acquisition and geospatial systems. With Aerial, they don’t have to.

Access to Airbus satellites and a global network of manned and unmanned aircraft provide unmatched access to aerial imagery.

Machine learning and advanced algorithms increase accuracy, save time, and lead to more informed decisions.

Combine diverse data sets such as parcel boundaries, weather patterns, and customer asset locations to add context during decision making.

Annotate directly into the Aerial platform to classify data, then automatically deliver answers to existing systems.

One Vendor. Many Solutions.

Solutions Available Today

Asset Inspection
& Management



General Claims
& Underwriting


Keep track of any assets visible from the sky, provide change alerts via monitoring algorithms and fuse visual and non visual sensors for more holistic asset tracking.

Gain visual access to areas otherwise inaccessible. Coordinate and direct your workforce and resources. Minimize your response time and maximize your reach with the use of machine learning damage classification.

Keep track of vegetation and easement encroachment with more efficient “right of way” monitoring. Perform 3D inspections of large horizontal structures such as transmission towers. Monitor rail track infrastructure and degradation of slopes.

Better serve customers during the underwriting phase with remote risk evaluation. Plus, settle claims faster and more accurately all while mitigating risk after a catastrophe.

Ensure security of ports, facilities, energy infrastructure and other high value properties. As well as survey jobsites and monitor build-out with 2D and 3D modeling all in the same platform.

Industries Currently Serviced

Aviation (Airport, Runways,
Aircraft Inspection)


Oil & Gas



Electrical Utilities


How can

agriculture state government industry

be transformed with aerospace technology?

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