Ryan Anderson, Frank Obusek and Eric Sherouse make up the unique and talented team developing new products at Airbus Aerial. Ryan is Aerial’s product manager, working with customers and developers to define products and communicate priorities. As a geospatial engineer, Frank has developed software that finds untreated standing water, while Eric demonstrates his skills as a 3D software engineer developing a solution that uses drone imagery to create detailed, multidimensional models of industrial assets.

Ryan graduated from Washington State University with a Master’s in landscape architecture. He worked for a geospatial data firm in Portland and focused on 3D mapping before joining Airbus Aerial. Frank began his Bachelor’s at Bowling Green State University as a graphic design major, but switched to geology after his sophomore year and completed his Master’s in the same field. He also took a few years off from college to pursue music with his heavy metal band. Eric graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in computer engineering. He remained at Tech post-grad as a research engineer and co-founded a startup, where he worked for four years.

Ryan’s day-to-day work covers a variety of topics. He says that his title may be product manager, but Aerial has an entrepreneurial environment,

“I’m probably 50% product manager and 50% solutions architect. I work with customers and our analytics team to determine what’s feasible from a solutions standpoint.”

One of Frank’s current projects focus on identifying chemically treated and untreated bodies of water, specifically swimming pools. This is a public health issue, as untreated pools are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

If left untreated, there is an increased risk of nearby communities contracting disease from the mosquitoes. Eric is developing a 3D inspection tool for industrial structures, such as bridges. After collecting images captured by drones, he builds a 3D reconstruction. This process is valuable because “the current inspection process is expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous for humans involved.”

Each of the guys have interesting “off-work” hobbies. The year before Ryan began at Aerial, he “retired”. “I’m not sure if I’d do it again, but I can always say that I’ve retired once.” In that time, he traveled to 11 countries, the most striking of which was India, where he worked for a month and a half. “It was probably one of the best food experiences of my life.” He also visited Puerto Rico, which prompted him to consider supplementing his travels with more socially conscious work. “Maybe there’s a way I can contribute other than economically. Maybe, instead of spending a week on the beach, I could go to the beach for two days and spend three days doing something of use.”

Frank and Eric speak romantically about spending time in nature. Frank was motivated to move to Georgia after living in Louisiana so that he could spend more time hiking. “I love the sound of rain, especially while camping,” he says. “When I was a kid, I’d sit on our porch swing during thunderstorms because I loved that kind of weather.” Eric is a fan of ultralight camping. “The idea of having everything on your back is a lot of fun, it’s compact, efficient, and every ounce counts.” He spent one night on a solo hike during high school. “It was actually pretty harrowing, because it’s dark and your mind starts to wander.” He also didn’t tell anyone where he was headed, as he was fully committed to going on an adventure.

Ryan, Frank, and Eric work in different subject areas, but combine their varying skills to develop great products at Aerial. They each take a creative approach with their work, and that is evident when talking with each of them and hearing their stories.

by Chisom Awachie


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