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7 Ways to Enhance Your Aerial Data Program

1. Get depth of details anywhere, FAST.

Our network of Satellite / Manned / Unmanned imagery sources can gather and deliver global aerial imagery in as little as 6 hours.

2. Avoid costly aerial equipment overhead.

Our on-demand image gathering saves our clients procurement and maintenance costs. Our extensive network of proven pilots with reliable track records are available where and when you need them.

3. Manage the acquisition of massive amounts of drone data.

Our platform enables you to scale and manage acquisition efficiently. Have your own network of pilots? Our platform can help manage all your data in one place.

4. Gather, organize and store imagery in the cloud.

Our easy to use aerial imagery platform is designed for asset acquisition, organization, storage and sharing.

5. Process imagery automatically and stream immediately.

Automatic processing on ingestion ensures business users have immediate access to imagery.

6. Integrate and interact with GIS Data.

Importing and integrating external data sources is made simple with support of most standard formats.

7. Get clear, actionable answers from your imagery.

Our AI & Machine Learning algorithms deliver deep insights and trustable answers within industry specific workflows. Or, stream data collected into your internal GIS software.


Backed by international aerospace pioneer Airbus, Aerial is delivering the future of geospatial services – today.

Our mission is to enable customers to solve problems by providing access to many forms of aerial imagery along with analytics and tools to turn imagery into action.

Airbus is a leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers on a global scale. Together, we aim for a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world.

Simplify your flight-ops and data management when


When our customers told us they needed fast access to high resolution Aerial Data to better serve their businesses, we answered the call and got to work as only Airbus can. Our team understood that gathering optimal Aerial Data was much more complicated than just flying drones and buying satellite imagery. Optimal flight-ops management and managing the massive amounts of data produced were critical to any aerial program.

In urban and rural areas alike, managing the ever-expanding regulations and required authorizations can make the difference between a successful program and a disorganized disaster.

In addition, every need/situation is unique, requiring varying levels of resolution and frequently, time is of the essence.

The AERIAL SERVICES PORTAL was designed and built to empower the Airbus Aerial team. Now, we have made the same portal available for your team. Power up your Aerial program to swiftly respond to aerial data requests with industry leading tools that enable planning, authorizing and executing – including the tasking of Airbus’ constellation of satellites. Leverage the Aerial Data Portal for instant access of the data collected from drones, fly-overs and satellites in a single interface, dramatically simplifying and accelerating access to the imagery that has been collected.

Flight Ops Planning with Regulatory Management Built-in


Every flight begins with a plan. Where is the information located? How large is the capture zone? Once that is established, the critical next question must be answered: Do we need authorization to fly there?


When flying in a Restricted Zone getting authorizations can get tricky. Who do we need to contact? Which application should be submitted? The Aerial Services Portal has gathered and streamlined the authorization process to make it easy.


Once the plan is approved and the proper authorizations are in place, you can quickly share the flight plan with your pilots through the Aerial Services Portal.


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