L to R: Nick Wayne, Eric Sherouse (Front End Development), Frank Obusek (Geospatial Engineering), Cindy Chiow, Justin Byrd, Ryan Anderson (Product Management)


Justin Byrd, Cindy Chiow, Chris Ogier, Hugh Bender, and Nick Wayne make up Airbus Aerial’s Sales team. Justin, Cindy, and Hugh work remotely, in Cincinnati, OH, Singapore, and Austin, TX respectively. They visited the Atlanta office over the course of a week to connect with the rest of the team, and update each other on their current projects. Over the course of their interviews, I learned about each member’s previous work and education, and how their backgrounds inform the work that they do for Aerial today.

Before working at Aerial, Justin served as Director of Customer Service – North America for Hexagon Geospatial and has worked in sales for the past 10 years. Cindy grew up between the US, Malaysia, and Singapore. She has both an MSE and MBA from Notre Dame. Hugh studied city and regional planning at the University of Texas, Austin. His background in GIS mapping includes serving as the director of TNRIS (Texas Natural Resources Information System) for five years. Chris served in the Army for nine years, which sparked an interest in geography while he studied at Appalachian State University. Nick studied economics at the University of Michigan, and went on to receive an International MBA from IE Business school in Madrid, Spain.


L to R: Justin Byrd, Ryan Anderson, Nick Wayne, Hugh Bender, Frank Obusek, and Chris Ogier


Each member of the team focuses on different facets of the sales industry to promote Aerial’s products. Their dedication and motivation stems from pride in Aerial’s strengths as a company. Justin approaches companies, schedules demos, and ultimately sells Aerial’s solutions. He was drawn to Aerial’s strong sense of collaboration. Cindy works on how best to sell the products in Asia. Her first job post grad was also within the aerospace industry, and it motivated her to seek out innovative tech companies like Aerial, where the culture is relaxed and the productivity is high. Chris leverages Aerial’s relationships with government agencies. He believes that the talented, bright, and motivated staff puts Aerial above other companies with similar product. Hugh works with Aerial and Airbus Defense and Space, focusing on sales within the oil, gas, mining, and engineering industries. He is excited by Aerial’s place in the aerospace industry, consolidating drone and satellite technology and data analytics into a single cloud-based platform. Nick engages with potential customers and partners, communicating their needs and priorities to the rest of the company. He had already been introduced to the drone industry when he heard about Aerial, and knew Jesse, whose reputation preceded him.

Outside of work, the team’s interests are just as varied. Justin grew up camping, and now takes his kids, aged six, four, and two. They’ve most recently visited Topsail Hill Preserve State Park in Florida. Cindy is an avid SCUBA diver, crossfitter, and loves anything to do with the outdoors. Chris practices yoga, and recently took up beekeeping. Hugh takes advantage of the music scene in Austin whenever possible, but also enjoys mountain biking and swimming. Nick recently became a father, and says that he’s too caught up with parenting to even think about hobbies.

Aerial’s Sales team communicates tirelessly across the country and the world in order to secure important partnerships and contracts across industries. Their varied experiences and backgrounds including business, city planning, and the armed forces ensure their ability to  connect with different companies and successfully share Aerial’s products with the world.


By Chisom Awachie